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The Many Benefits of Professional IT Recruitment Training

Whether you want part-time or full-time recruitment work or you’re an aspiring stay-at-home parent or looking to make a career change, Infonnel is your source for achieving maximum success.

Our recruitment training will help:

  • Entry level tech recruiters or junior tech recruiters to understand the complete IT recruitment process.
  • Non-technical recruiters to consider IT recruitment as a career option.
  • Technical recruiters to consider a career option with end clients, preferred vendors, staffing companies, executive search firms, third party vendors etc.
  • To either work from home or consider a full-time job opportunity in IT recruitment.
  • To have an opportunity to get absorbed in our staffing company or with our clients.
  • Entrepreneurs to understand the functional/operational aspects of IT recruitment and feel confident to start their own independent recruitment or staffing corporation.

Who qualifies for this recruitment training?

Our IT recruitment training is for anyone who is familiar with computers (Word, Excel, E-mail & Internet navigation) and are comfortable with cold-calling. People with these skills could include:

  • Homemakers wanting to work from home.
  • College students wanting to utilize their spare time and explore this opportunity from a ‘work from home/dorm’ perspective.
  • Retired professionals willing to put in few hours and feel occupied professionally.
  • Students who have completed their specialization in HR / marketing / sales / business and want to understand recruitment in a ‘job-oriented environment’ and experience real-life recruitment training scenarios.
  • Existing IT staffing companies wanting to have their recruiters undergo induction training through our programs.
  • Existing recruiters interested in knowing the nuances of IT recruitment, to handle their job more confidently.

Contact us today to receive our premium training for recruiters, or check out our Training page to learn more.