Med Infinity


“I am a housewife and my family has always been my first priority. At the same time, I wanted to spend time constructively and needed some mental stimulation. I started looking at ‘work from home’ opportunities but mostly whatever is offered on internet as work from home options were not reliable. When the team of Infonnel LLC approached me way back in 2006 with clearly set business model; compensation and growth plan; and a comprehensive training, I couldn’t ask for more. This training gave me the option to work from home as a recruiter and later even consider joining a BPO. The training given by the team here is very comprehensive and the environment is very friendly. They encourage recruiters to ask questions and are always ready to give a helping hand. You are ready to earn handsomely in no time. I am happy to be associated with this team after a gap of about 3 years.”
– Amrit Pal Kaur
Home Based Recruiter

“Having a professional degree in HR and 7 yrs. of Industry experience I had never thought of getting something satisfactory work from home opportunity. My association with the team of Infonnel LLC dates back to 2006. I have experience of recruitment in India but now while being in India I am getting an exposure of IT recruitment of US also. At the same time they have given training on the sales process too. I couldn’t continue working for long in the past; but now I am happy to be associated with the team once again where I am increasing not only my cash bank but also knowledge bank. Here, we are not just an employee but like a member who can also give feedback to the management.”
– Shalini Jettley
Home Based Recruiter

“I really enjoyed working with Geeta and Kamal. They were the first 2 people I started my recruiting career with. They trained us from the scratch, provided excellent training in full recruitment lifecycle. It is not only about training but also, they made us feel so comfortable while teaching the most complex cycle. I guess that is their specialty. They did not pressurize us but helped us to grasp most of the training part. I can’t forget those days while I was working with Geeta and Kamal. They provided us the best place to learn and work. I wish I could join their team again.”
– Daisy Wadhwa
Home Based Recruiter